CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

This year 2017, Versage PR Management will be focusing on the health and wealth manifestation series as part of its CSR activities which are to help and support communities and entrepreneurs. Check out the workshop and talk series from internationally renowned speakers and healers from around the world.


One of our collaboration is with Atmayoga Foundation, an Institute for “Inner- Science & Self-Transformation” founded by Atmayogi Shri Aasaanji, based in Chennai, India. We have witnessed and truly amazed with Atmayoga Foundation’s successful scientific techniques in changing and transforming the lives of countless people including Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and many more. The workshops are presented in using purely scientific techniques and is non-religious /non-spiritual.

Check out the testimonials below.


Heal Your Body, Master Your Fear, Live in Bliss
The Miracle Science of Shri Aasaanji!
(Spiritual Master, Mystic, Psychic, Healer – AtmaYoga Foundation)
(The only Prana science endorsed by Doctors in US and India. To live in perfect health and to take control of your life is your BIRTH-RIGHT. Give yourself a chance.)
September 2nd & 3rd 2017

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Featured on Star2
11 June 2017

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Introduction to the Speaker – Shri Aasaanji

Shri Aasaanji is a proponent of ‘World Peace through Inner- Peace’ for more than a decade and with over 2000 programmes. Aasaanji has transformed and is transforming countless lives through his teachings worldwide. He has guided people from all walks of life including Doctors, Businessmen, Philosophers and Healers to transform their lives with Abundance in Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness. He is the Founder of AtmaYoga Foundation (Institute for Inner-Science & Self-Transformation) to empower humanity with Everlasting well-being & holistic abundance in all aspects of life.

Atmayogi shri Aasaanji is a Life-Transforming Guru, Master of Inner-Science, Contemporary Spiritual Teacher, Scholar of Vedic Science, Upanishad, Brahma Sutra, Naturopathy & Self-Realized Enlightened Master with timeless wisdom in healing & meditation of ancient Siddhas.

This is a panacea for human health and human life.

Dr. V.Chockalingam,
M.B.B.S, M.D.,D.M, F.I.S.E.,F.C.C.P.,F.I.C.A, F.A.C.C.,M.N.A.M.S.,D.Sc

After my cardiac arrest two years back I was depressed and couldn’t even work. There were so many restrictions on my health. That is when I was recommended to Aasaanji. What I have gained physically is nothing compared to what I have gained spiritually. I am very very happy. My achievements and progress in my life hence I dedicate to Aasaanji.

Dr. G Sivaramakrishnan

Within ten days of Atma-Dhyana it was shocking that with medicines and insulin my sugar levels that could not come down!! Not just my health, every day of my life is blessed with happiness.

Dr. S. Rajeshwari

I consider that the teachings and techniques of Shri Aasanji make an unbelievable betterment not only in our spiritual level but also in our physical level. Aasaanji’s unbound clarity in health and spirituality are even better than any medical professional like me.

Dr Muthukumar M
M.B.B.S. MD (Acupuncture), Ph.D. (Acupuncture), Founder MIAH

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June 17th & 18th 2017

June 15th 2017

April 1st & 2nd 2017